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Dr. Khalil Al Salem

Dr. Khalil Al Salem , your answer for beautiful eyes.

د. خليل السالم
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Dr. Khalil Al Salem is a professor of ophthalmology at Mutah University, He was nominated for many awards at the American Academy of ophthalmology for the year 2007, 2011 and 2013.

He is a well trained ophthalmologist and a sub-specialist in Oculoplastics (cosmetic surgery around the eye). He is well known for his deep Knowledge, Surgical skills and warm interpersonal relationship with his patients.


He is a graduate of Jordan University of science and technology, after which he proceeded his masters education at the American University of Beirut. Being taught by the best of doctors at the ophthalmology department at AUB; did not fulfill his ambition. Dr. Al Salem continued his fellowship  in United kingdom, and had his degree from the Royal college of surgeons in Glasgow .

He then moved to work in USA and Canada for Many years. In USA he had his Medical retina Fellowship Granted by the Louisville University in 2008.  

In 2013 Dr. Khalil Al Salem was sent by Mutah University to Canada, to start a fellowship in Oculoplastics and Orbital disease which was granted by the University of British Columbia. During his fellowship he was trained to do the following surgeries:

1- Bleoharoplasty:

This includes asian blepharoplasty, fat transplantaion, cheek left and lateral canthal tightening.

2- lid malposition surgeries:

This includes entropia, ectropion and ptosis surgeries in old and young patients.

3- complicated squint surgeries:

Dr. Khalil Al Salem was trained to solved complicated surgeries in squint, those happening after trauma or thyroid casese. He was trained to fix redo surgeries like slipped and lost muscles. As well as squint surgery with adjustables.

4- Orbital surgeries:

thyroid eye disease, removal of tumors from the orbit, evisceration enucleation, and orbital wall fracture repair.

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General ophthalmolgy

Dr. Al-salem Has a great experience in cantaract sugery, and glaucoma surgery as well.

Dr. Khalil Al-salem is very intrested in refractive surgery and has a lot of publications in this field

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