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squinting eye, also known as Strabismus, is a medical condition that causes eye deviation . a squint, will lead to Lazy eye in children.

Eye Squint best treated in Jordan

Written by Khalil AL-Salem M.D FRCS

The squinting eye, also known as Strabismus, is a medical condition that causes eye deviation in an abnormal direction. A healthy look focuses sight on the center part of the pupil. But for a person with a squint, the eyes will have trouble focusing on an object. Inability to concentrate on things using both eyes will result in a condition called Lazy eye in children. Herein we give a briefing on causes, treatment modalities, and treatment cost in Jordan.

Why to know about Squint?

Squint affects 5% of patients attending the eye clinic. Many are conditions are neglected because of poverty or not seeing the right doctor early on in life. It is also one of the conditions easily treated by the right doctor, and results might be sustainable all through life. Moreover, neglected eye deviation will certainly cause lazy eye in children. Later has a minimal window period to get treated as it is challenging to treat Lazy eyes after the age of 10 years.

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Eye conditions associated with strabismus and might cause eye deviation?

A condition that can affect a single binocular vision will lead to strabismus in most cases. For instance, optic nerve diseases, congenital cataracts, and early life brain insults will cause eye deviation anomalously. Binocular eye control is crucial for a good surgical outcome. Hence, former treatment of Lazy eye is indispensable before embarking on surgical option.

A wise plan for treating Lazy eyes before acting on Squinting eye surgery!

Classically Lazy eye or amblyopia is treated with either eye patching and the good use of eyeglasses. General rules of patching include patching the better eye to improve the function of the worst eye. To ensure treatment success, clearing the picture in front of the eye is essential. Eyeglasses’ adherent use obtains this.

Even after successful treatment of Lazy eye and ٍstrabismus, it is vital to continuously adhere to your doctor and maintain good communication with him. Lazy eye can revert so quickly, losing any hope of cure if left without a follow up. That is why patients with squint and lazy eyes need to be followed up until 18 years.

squinting eye, also known as Strabismus, is a medical condition that causes eye deviation . a squint, will lead to Lazy eye in children.
squinting eye done perfectly at Al-Salem eye clinic

Planning the surgery to treat squint?

Surgery might not be the definitive answer for squinting eye treatment. Rather than, visual preoperative visual rehabilitation is a cornerstone in the long-term out of surgery. In my practice, I came across many patients who did early squint surgery; then their eyes started deviating to the other direction. Eye deviation is caused by inadequate visual rehabilitation before surgical treatment. Or it might be due to wrong angle calculation before surgery.

Will eye muscle surgery help my child?

Your brain directs and controls your eyes, and eye muscle surgery is not brain surgery. Cutting and moving the eye muscles will not automatically change the brain or the signals it sends to the eye muscles. This is why patients’ eyes often “go back” or deviate again after surgery. Frequently, then, the surgeon recommends a repeat surgery. It is essential to understand that while eye muscle surgery can improve cosmetic appearance, it does not necessarily improve eyesight or vision.
Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies report success rates for eye muscle surgeries ranging from 80% to 95%. In those studies, success is sometimes defined as a cosmetic improvement. “Cosmetic improvement only” means that, following the eye muscle surgery, the patient’s eyes maintained a straight and aligned appearance, but the improved vision was not achieved.

It is essential to determine whether surgery is being recommended for the purposes of cosmetic improvement only. Ask the surgeon to be explicit regarding the goals and risks associated with any surgery. Parents are encouraged to ask many questions. Ask about expected outcomes. For example, ask whether the surgeon expects the eyes to work better as a binocular (two-eyed) team due to surgery. You should know the possibilities regarding better appearance (cosmetic cure) and better vision (binocular therapy). Also, do not forget to discuss the likelihood that multiple surgeries will be recommended.

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How many surgeries?

If your surgeon has recommended initial eye muscle surgery, ask how many surgeries! The surgeon should be very clear as to the possibility that repeat surgeries will be recommended down the road.

Who would need a Strabismus treatment?

Any person who is affected by squint eyes or cross-eyes can qualify for the treatment. The treatment can efficiently be carried out once the problem has been found, and once the person has trouble adjusting his/her vision. As stated earlier, surgery options are the best choice for treating such squinted visions.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Persons with high blood pressure, and people for whom surgery cannot be performed may not qualify for the treatment. It is also safe to do this surgical treatment for your child when he/she gets a little older. The first choice of therapy should always be treated using glasses.

Are there any side effects of squint eye treatment?

The squint eye surgical procedure is relatively safe, and there will not be any side effects. You might have to take a rest for a few days before getting back to your routine work. Your eyes might itch during your recovery period, and this is normal. You have to ensure that you follow the post-treatment guidelines religiously.

squinting eye , also known as Strabismus, is a medical condition that causes eye deviation . a squint, will lead to Lazy eye in children.
squinting eye, also known as Strabismus, is a medical condition that causes eye deviation . a squint , will lead to Lazy eye in children.

How long does it take to recover from strabismus eye treatment?

The recovery period is very minimal, and you can go back to your home the same day. You can even start doing most of your routine work within a week. Your eye muscles will adjust immediately after the surgery, and you might be required to wear glasses for some time to prevent infections. Also, you have to undergo post-treatment care religiously for getting well better soon.

What is the price of squint eye treatment in Jordan?

In Jordan, the treatment plan depends on the medical center you are undergoing the treatment. It can start from 750 JD and can go up to 1200 JD in some cases. Also, post-treatment medications and drugs can be added. To ensure that when you choose a clinic, opt for a clinic with a good reputation and eye specialist.

Are the results of strabismus eye surgery treatment permanent?

In 80 to 95% of the cases, squint eye surgery results are permanent, and in some rare cases, the person might have to go for additional treatment if the symptom is not corrected. But usually, the surgical procedures have advanced with time are very precise with their treatments.

What are the alternatives to squint eye treatment?

As an alternative to squinting eye surgery, you can opt for glasses or an eye patch to correct the affected eye’s vision. But these treatments are used only in mild cases and if the muscle strength is very minimal in the eyes, using glasses is also not advisable. Do consult with your eye specialist regarding the best treatment option you need with the condition.

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